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Why Us

Above & Beyond. It's Not Just The Name, Its What We Do

The foundation of Above & Beyond Fire Safety Security has been built on the principle of being just that, Above & Beyond. Not just above our competitors, but above who we are as a company and individuals, for today and tomorrow. Our success comes from a consistent focus on continuing education, this includes our novice employees to even our most seasoned veterans.  We require a minimum 8 hours of continuing education annually for our technicians. They also are encouraged to do more continuing education by incentivizing technicians. We know not only is it an investment, it's a partnership with our employees.  Each of our staff is OSHA certified and has weekly health and safety meetings to reinforce a safe, hygienic workplace whether in the shop or in the field. Along with education, we welcome emerging technologies that have been proven in the industry. This is how we provide the highest quality inspection, along with the most competitive price.

Our Reports

Building reports technology. As a cutting-edge company, we are able to use barcode technology and digital reporting to provide comprehensive and accurate inspections that are completely documented in accordance with applicable regulatory standards. Our building reports technology services enable:

·         Barcode tracking of your Fire Protection equipment

·         Digital reporting

·         Fully documented, comprehensive inspections

·         Access to reports 24/7 for up to five years

We’ve got the latest equipment and training, allowing us to quickly respond to each call we receive. Our customers have come to rely on us, and we are proud to serve them. We take the issue of fire prevention, safety and security very seriously at Above & Beyond, the wellbeing of our customer and their families is our ultimate goal. Call us anytime.

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