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Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Starting At $29.99

For first line of defense against fires let our highly experienced and skilled team that specializes in fire extinguisher inspections, fire extinguisher recharges and maintenance help you stay compliant with local and federal inspections, and maintenance requirements.

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Fire Alarm Inspection

Starting At $199

Above & Beyond makes a special effort to thoroughly test and inspect your system’s components for proper operation with the most current techniques and equipment that are utilized on every inspection to meet the rigorous requirements of today’s fire alarm systems. We can significantly reduce unwanted false alarms by keeping your smoke detectors clean and ready to respond to the required sensitivity level. Upon completion of each inspection we will provide you with detailed documentation as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association

Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Starting At $99

As with any other system, routine maintenance is occasionally required to keep your sprinkler system in the best possible working order. Let our NICET-certified inspectors make sure your life saving equipment is functioning properly


Kitchen & Clean Agent

Starting At $159.99

Everyone’s kitchen and Clean Agent systems needs are a little different. Above & Beyond knows this and can help you figure out what you need.

Backflow Device Testing

Starting At $99

Bulk Discount Pricing May Apply.

It’s the law to have a Backflow tested annually at their premises, so for this reason, a certified licensed person needs to perform the test. The backflow testing process typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete, if there are no repairs that need to be made. Water generally flows in one direction but on some occasions, it may flow in the opposite direction, or “backflow”. Essentially, backflow is when water runs backward through a water system. This water is not drinkable and may contaminate the drinking water supply. Backflow can be caused by a water main break or high demand at a water hydrant and testing is necessary to keep you and the public safe.


Industrial, Gas Station
and Marine Fire
Suppression Systems

Starting At $299

Our automatic suppression system technicians perform semi-annual inspections to all types of gas stations, industrial dry chemical systems and marine systems.

Exit Markers / Emergency Lighting Inspections

Starting At $29.99

Emergency and exit path lighting are required in all commercial buildings. The need for these devices is essential. Think about it, power failures occur often. It could be from lightning, downed power lines, or just an interruption in service. Your employees and customers need to safely move around your buildings at the time of power failure.  If there were a fire and swift escape was crucial, the combination of smoke and power failure would make visibility nearly impossible without proper emergency lighting. Let our safety technicians help ensure the functionality of these devices for you.


If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule an Inspection, please contact us.



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