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Wheeled Dry Chemical

Wheeled Dry Chemical

With our comprehensive line, Buckeye Wheeled Dry Chemical fire extinguishers have large-scale fire protection covered. Available in three size capacities with three choices of extinguishing agents and different operational design configurations (stationary or non), the best match for hazard protection needs can be accurately selected–maximizing the fire safety of an operation.

Designed for one-person operation, these units are easily transportable through doorways and over rough terrain. Tow Loops can be added if there’s a need for easy vehicle transport capability. All models are rechargeable and meet relevant UL, ULC, TC & DOT requirements, while selected models have US Coast Guard Approval

  • Typical Uses

     Although not for use on sensitive electronic equipment, dry chemical extinguishers are suitable for offshore rigs, ship docks, refineries, chemical plants, aircraft ramps, remote construction sites, large laboratories, processing plants, storage and loading areas. Dry chemical wheeled units are available for Class A, Class B and Class C Fires.

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